TAKE2 - Two classes. Seven weeks. Repeat.

This is College Reimagined.


Randolph’s innovative TAKE2 model is a better design for the way students learn and live—both in today’s world and tomorrow’s.

The central idea of TAKE2 is built into its name: Randolph students take two classes at a time for seven-week sessions, instead of four or more courses per semester.

Why it works

By allowing students to focus on two classes at a time, rather than spreading their attention across four or more courses, TAKE2 improves learning and offers greater opportunities inside and outside the classroom.


  • fosters a more intensive academic experience and enables faculty and students to dive more deeply into course material.
  • provides faculty with more time for academic support to help students conquer particularly difficult concepts or explore newly discovered passions.
  • allows students to take greater advantage of the many resume-building extracurricular opportunities that Randolph offers, including dance and theatre performances, internships, research projects, jobs, community service, clubs, athletics, and more.

This revolutionary approach to learning not only sets Randolph apart from other liberal arts colleges, it creates a distinctive college experience designed to better meet the needs of 21st-century students.

With TAKE2, you’ll graduate in the same amount of time as you would with a traditional model, but you’ll have more time to dig deep into your academics while exploring your passions and interests.

How it works

Class Schedule Comparison – TAKE2 vs. the Common Model

Typically, students under a common model schedule take four or five classes each week for an entire semester. Under TAKE2, Randolph students take two courses for seven-week sessions, with no classes on Wednesdays. This allows for a more intensive learning experience designed to better meet the needs of today’s students.

Sample class schedule under the Common Model
Sample class schedule under TAKE2

Daily Activity Schedule Comparison – TAKE2 vs. the Common Model

Under the TAKE2 model, students are able to focus on just two courses each session, which provides an enhanced and more meaningful learning experience and offers greater opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Randolph’s students sharpen their focus, maintain a better work-life balance, and thrive within our supportive, student-centered learning environment.

Sample full activity schedule under the Common Model
Sample full activity schedule under TAKE2


Why make this change?

For decades, the typical academic model at most liberal arts institutions has consisted of students taking four or five courses each semester, while at the same time juggling extracurriculars, jobs, athletics, and other passions.

Because it’s always been that way, few people have thought to change it.

Randolph’s faculty not only questioned it, they decided to come up with a better and more creative solution—one that would allow our students to sharpen their focus with immersive learning, gain life balance with a more flexible schedule, and most importantly, thrive within a supportive, student-centered environment.